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The "Divine Storm" (Kami-Kaze) squads, called Tokkôtai in Japan, became famous for their action during the end of WWII in the Pacific. The suicide attacks began on October 1944 : 2198 pilots committed suicide with their bomb-aircrafts, destroying 34 US ships and damaging 288 other ones. This kind of behavior is typically a proof of domination of the fear of death. Bushido, the samurai code, first teaches to control this fear. It is the base of warriors spirit.
Kamikaze before their mission The Japanese War flag

Violence ?

Cover of a Japanese magazineMartial Arts are violent... YES, often martial arts action movies are violent, often martial arts classes are violent -- if you train hard for a national championship you'll take some blows for sure... Well, there are two families of Martial Arts in the Japanese terminology : Budo and Bujutsu. Budo would be the martial art aimed at self-development and spiritual blossoming. Bujutsu is only a set of techniques to be efficient. But really, is this separation unbreakable ? Well, the origin of Martial Arts is for sure becoming efficient in the battle, to be able to win combats. Efficiency must be the first word in the mouth of a martial artist, even if it is not his only purpose. Being efficient in life is the same that being efficient in combat. By its own, it's a personal release. And if becoming efficient in combat means sometimes some violence... War will always be a bad thing but men are born with. So, we must accept violence, and train to accept it because it will unfortunately never disappear.

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