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Photos shot in Mimizan Beach (France) and Clermont Ferrand (France)

Kamikaze ProductionsJumping Back Spinning Kick
Ushiro Mawashi Tobi Geri
Twio Mandolio Chagi

Kamikaze Productions Side Kick
Yoko Geri
Yop Chagi
Kamikaze Productions Jumping Side Kick  
Yoko Tobi Geri
Twio Yop Chagi


'97 photos shot in Le Grand Crohot Beach (France) with Philippe Lasserre, Judo 3dan BB

 Kamikaze Productions
Back Spinning Sweep vs Side Kick
Ushiro Mawashi Barai / Yoko Geri
(if you know the Korean and Chinese names, please email me)

Kamikaze Productions Armlock
Juji Gatame
Kamikaze Productions Jumping Side Kick
Yoko Tobi Geri
Twio Yop Chagi


Sept'98 photos shot in Shaolin Temple (China)  other photos will come soon !

Kamikaze Productions
(if YOU know the word looking like ZAI? TUI for side kick in chinese, please email me)

 Kamikaze ProductionsGroups trainings in forms are usual in Shaolin, and really impressive to watch !
Shaolin Temple The very famous
Shaolin Temple
Wu Shu Kwan Demo Team
The Shaolin Wushu Kwan Demo Team trains everyday under very very competent instructors ! (thanks to Judy)

Ma Kaiyi, Kung Fu instructor in Dali - China (August 98)

Kamikaze Productions Ma Kaiyi Ma Kaiyi

Pierre Damoiseau, Karate and Tai Chi Chuan teacher in Clermont Ferrand - France

Kamikaze Productions  Ma Kaiyi

Scans from the book The Making Of Enter The Dragon

Making of d'Opération DragonSide Kick to John Saxon (rehearsal)

Making of d'Opération DragonSide Kick to a cameo (rehearsal)

Making of d'Opération Dragon Training in his room, scene

Making of d'Opération DragonGround Kick to Bob Wall

Making of d'Opération Dragon  Back Salto vs Bob Wall

Audioclips, Videoclips...

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